Guillem Riera

Guillem Riera. Observant. Hard-working. Free spirit. 
Guillem was born in Barcelona in 1970 and has lived there ever since.He did his studies in Film Direction in Calassanç Center, current ESCAC.

He has directed several short films, three of which were in various national and international festivals. He has an experience of 16 years in different media; 2 years doing scientific photography and video in childcare unit, St Joan de Déu Hospital 8 years in the advertising world working in various facets of commercials such as cameraman at castings, editor, member of direction, director of a work in S16mm for Audi, 2 years in live-ons as operator of a software called TV Game and as offline editor at TV3 Catalonia.

Moreover, he participated in direction of 2 feature films. He was an active member of an amateur theatre company as an actor for 3 years and appeared in two television ads and a campaign for a brand as a photographic model. He is currently finishing a documentary on Global Warming filmed as a road movie in the USA, interviewing a wide range of people from New York to Alaska.